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On this site you can find information about me,my work, and some upcoming Exhibitions and Events.

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Winner at Potfest

Craft and Design Magazine award 2003 and 2014



I became interested in pottery in the mid 1970's and taught myself to throw and make pots. In 1979 I began a 3-year studio ceramics course at Chesterfield College of Art where I concentrated on making wood fired stoneware.

From 1982 to 1990 I made reduction fired stoneware in a gas / wood fired kiln.

In 1990 I began to introduce more colour into my work and to this end I experimented with and continue to use white earthenware clay decorated with a small number of coloured glazes, mainly blues and pinks. I produce a wide range of wheel thrown domestic ware from mugs to casseroles, however many slab dishes, plates, and "one off" pots often crop up.


I make generously thrown work, substantial rims and handles, freely decorated with vibrant colours. All the work is now fired in electric kilns to a high-fired earthenware temperature of 1140/1160 centigrade.


Ideas and Influences

My ideas and influences come from many places. Artists such as Jackson Pollock,  Mark Rothco and contemporary Scottish artist Francis Boag heavily influence my designs. My interest in English slipware and all things Japanese also contribute heavily towards much of my work.


Magazines and Interviews


In January 2004, I was profiled in the Craftsman Magazine. This featured an interview with myself regarding my work and my influences, as well as my future. Following a trip to Japan, I was again featured in the December 2005 issue of Craftsman Magazine. This interview followed up my earlier feature and discussed how i had been influenced by the ceramics and culture of Japan, and how I felt this would affect my work.


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3. Oribe

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Pots from recent firings


I have long been interested in Japanese Oribe pottery and occassionally I have made my version of Oribe.

Below are some examples